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Welcome to Digital Debt Settlement Ltd
+44 (0)333 313 0404 9th Floor, Lyndon House, 58-62, Hagley Road, Birmingham, B16 8PE

About Us

Digital Debt Settlement Limited is part of the Engage Communications Group, a specialist division using the latest in-house built technology to communicate to debtors. Engage Communications Group operate globally with offices in Europe, Africa, Australasia, Asia, North and South Americas.

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Leading the way

We already serve some the world’s leading and largest Banks/Logistics/Retail/Mobile Network/Utility companies with annual group revenues in excess of £100m. The group has over 30 years of industry expertise with over 300 clients helped each year. We have won some of the most prestigious industry awards along the way.

Our world leading platform, uses the latest multi-channel communications to provide automated solutions, that will improve debt recovery and reduce overall cost. Our platform uses a robust PCI DSS compliant payment platform, enabling you to take secure payments.

Our platform can also integrate chatbots which work across multiple channels whether they are on your website, text messages, Facebook each one of them simultaneously talk to one another. Whatever the engagement, the platforms matches each contact in one stored area freeing up agent time and enhancing each customer journey.


Intelligent Communications

• All channels – email, SMS,
WhatsApp, voice, RCS & Facebook

• Synapse waterfall technology

• Customer reactive

• Two-way communication

• Real-time optimisation

• Full customer journey tracking


• Automated secure solution

• PCI complaint software

• Multiple PSP integrations

• Agent guided payments

• Customisable journey flow

• IVR payments

• Agent CRM view



Multichannel<br>debt collection<br>solution

debt collection

Easily integrate core debt<br>systems, CRM and PSP<br>of choice easily

Easily integrate core debt
systems, CRM and PSP
of choice easily

Configurable customer<br>journey automation<br>using Synapse

Configurable customer
journey automation
using Synapse

Reporting, visualisation<br>and customer journey real time<br>optimisation

Reporting, visualisation
and customer journey real time

Top Companies are already using our digital debt solution
United Utilities

Contact us, to find out more about
how we can help you improve your debt collection process and recovery.

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+44 (0)333 313 0404 9th Floor, Lyndon House, 58-62, Hagley Road, Birmingham, B16 8PE