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Our in-house built AI platform quickly determines the behaviour of each individual debtor and optimises and deploys the best time and method to engage, which maximises unrecovered debt with immediate results.

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How we target

The targeting of debtors is autonomous and uses several communications channels such as SMS,Voice, Email Social Media – incl RCS, What’s App, Facebook. Increasing the probability of contacting your debtors maximising debt repayments.

The solution starts by interrogating data and data sources to establish the range of communication options that can be utilised.

Based on the data analytics the appropriate medium and combination of media is selected for engagement. The communication flow is deployed and evolves in real time based on the effectiveness of the strategies deployed using real time learning..


Intelligent, multi-channel
customer communication


Compliant agent-guided


Debt collection can be fully managed end to end using the company’s PCI compliant payment platform, legal, call centre and support from trusted partners or we can integrate with existing internal or external suppliers customers already in place.

Helping Local Authorities & Businesses
quickly maximise unrecovered debt

Irrespective of any incumbent communications suppliers our analytics tool “Journey Tracker” can monitor and give a real time view – regardless of the provider to give you the optimum engagement with your debtors. Our platform can improve the complete engagement process or parts of it and verify you have the most efficient engagement maximising unrecovered debt.

The system has multiple API capabilities and can link to third-party applications such as, credit reference agencies for further data enrichment, or internal data points which can both read and write reducing manual tasks and labour cost.

The system also has capabilities to trigger actions such as instigating letters once again reducing the need for manual task reducing labour cost.

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United Utilities

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+44 (0)333 313 0404 9th Floor, Lyndon House, 58-62, Hagley Road, Birmingham, B16 8PE